Rich engineer dating: the pros for sugar baby

Every girl dreams of having a prince charming. His mission is to take care of you and make you as carefree as a princess. Imagine: You are sitting in a palace-like luxury house with no rent, because it is a millionaire engineer who designs and owns the house. And you are wearing a silk robe nightdress that moves gracefully. You carefully shovel caviar into your mouth from the well-trimmed fingertips and drink a glass of champagne. Your vintage bell knocks seven – it’s time to meet your rich men in gorgeous coats. Therefore, you can enter your Porsche, which has paid full insurance premiums without having to provide a car loan, and then go to a certain location where you can meet with him before the pre-dinner drink.

This is how I like to think life looks for women who sign up to rich engineer dating site, and this is the image that came to mind while I was reading one of those tell-all style, “I’m financing my life by dating rich dudes,” articles this week. But there are many advantages and disadvantages to date rich men, and now, let me summarize these advantages.


  1. I don’t have to pay the rent anymore. This will give me disposable income that can be used to buy beautiful diamonds, attend etiquette training course, spent on furthering my education, or sunk into the financial black hole that is my preference for fruity cocktails.
  2. Have the opportunity to buy a house. I don’t know if you know this, but it is almost impossible for young people to buy a house in the current Sydney market. I know I’m far from home ownership. But Clifford said she was very successful.
  3. Redistribution of wealth. The money these rich men spend to buy my dinner will be used to pay for the waiters and the dishwasher. I am making a contribution to the social economy. Is that right? So do you want to find rich men?
  4. The more money these people spend on me, the less money they will spend on stupid things, such as the formula of a sports car or hair growth caused by the middle-aged crisis. It’s as good as him, just like mine.
  5. According to Clifford, I am satisfied with the men who are “just looking for a company on the road”. Eating alone is bad, someone is always better than a person. It takes only so long to stare at your phone while pushing spaghetti in your mouth and pretending you have a fun time. Eating with them is a good thing and you pay for it.

The pros come out even, which is surprising. If you want to date an engineer or millionaire singles, sign up for engineer dating sites and find out.

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